Could You Love Me at My Worst?

Writing a book has always been a dream of mine. I want to be someone who can take you into a whole new world and give you a new life for a few hours. This year, one of my goals is to finally write my first book! I want to take you along on the journey.

I wanted to share the playlist of my book with you, and then share a little sneak peek!

  • Bitter by FLETCHER

  • Helium by Sia

  • Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

  • @ my worst by blackbear

  • F**k U by Kailee Morgue

  • Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton

  • Memory by Kane Brown

  • alone in a room full of people by blackbear

  • Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey

  • I'm Not Alright by Loud Luxury

  • Body by Julia Michaels

  • Afterlife by Hailee Steinfeld

  • Finally // beautiful stranger by Halsey

These are just a few songs on my book playlist, songs that inspire me in this story! Below, if you are interested, is a sneak peek of my book!


The world smelled like wood, smoke, leather and…blood. Maeve’s eyes clenched shut against the assaulting smell, her senses chasing after the scents that didn’t fill her heart with fear. Open your eyes Maeve. Her brain chimed, but the voice didn’t sound like her own, it was softer, welcoming, inviting, and most of all, it sounded safe. Open your eyes. The voice coaxed again, the smell of blood dissipated, and an ice-cold palm rested against her cheek. Maeve’s eyes slowly peeled open, adjusting to the low light of the unfamiliar space, she blinked once, twice, three times before her eyes focused. She realized that she was in the back seat of some sort of large car, almost like the inside of a limo with the way a row of seats faced the row she was laid across. A moment after her eyes took in the scene, they found the same golden eyes that rescued her on the dance floor and an inescapable feeling grabbed ahold of her and squeezed. “A-are you going to h-hurt me…” She stuttered, her voice weaker than normal and she winced at the way she sounded in her own ears.

“I don’t have much money, b-but you can have it, if that’s what you want.” She offered, a little more confidence in her voice. His eyes hardened briefly, and she felt sorrow swell off him like a cloud of fog, watched it fall from around him in that fog. Her own eyes looked to him in confusion now, questioning without words this time. His hand reached up to her face, but he hesitated before returning it to his side and perched on the seat across from her, putting at least three feet of space between them. Something emanated off him and surrounded her with a calm, safe feeling as she slowly sat up in her seat across from him, her hands tugged her skirt down her thighs as far as it would go. “I am not going to hurt you.” His voice was low, rough, and stirred something deep inside her, that same inescapable feeling from seconds before. Whatever stirred, it demanded to respond to his call, drawing her to relax beyond her own belief as she sat in the back of an unknown car, with a stranger, parked God knows where. “Who are you?” She asked softly, his whole body seeming to relax at her sudden change of heart about him.

“Remy.” He replied cautiously, clearly attempting to tiptoe around her carefully so as not to scare her, his face gave away nothing, stoic as a statue, but his feelings were rolling off him and offering her all she needed to know. He did not mean her harm, there was worry ebbing away from him, caressing her skin. Worry for her.

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